Summer time

This post does not fit in the themes of the blog, science and blah blah blah, but hey, what the hell, it’s my blog, therefore I’ll write the following lines even, god forgive me, they have no context.

I was watching some TV and during the commercials I was hit by wonderful images of beautiful women panting themselves in bikini, getting wet and dancing spontaneously on a beach, and well, I have some windows in my flat, and in the little corner of my eyes I couldn’t help to notice something peculiar: people stopping their cars and buying their daily amount of a tasty joint at the drive-by-cofeeshop, a.k.a. the cofeeshop downstairs, and it’s raining (no relation implicit). So I have to ask myself, and you, my dear reader, what’s happening? I would say:

1) the dutch is a creature full with humor, where the irony is an excellent vehicle to laugh at himself and the horrible ecosystem surrounding him;

2) he is to high to notice the rain;

3) it’s all a wicked complot from the travel agencies and the tv where they show half naked tan bodies and sun, which the brain of the viewer resolves as: outside is raining, so no babes, so where is the sun, so must go there.

4) I’ve run out of witty ideas.


~ by khamael on July 23, 2007.

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