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~ by khamael on August 3, 2007.

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  1. Ok, maybe I didn’t pay attention here. But I’ve somehow lost the link between the sock and the nipple reasoning. There must be some one-on-one relation I’m not yet aware of. So, since I’d like to comment only on the most interesting topics, let’s elaborate on the nipple brainstorm session results.

    As far as I can tell now you have defined a rather complete set of properties. I guess this is point one, or else point two seems to be pointless without a preceding point.

    Anyway, I do agree on the roundishness, although this is weakly defined. Ellipsoids are roundish in some sense, yet not very appealing in our topic context. My main concern however is the definition of the gradient. We’d expect an outward gradient, from the viewpoint of the breast. However you have vagely defined the nipple gradient to have “not much difference” in more erect state. Now my question would be if that refers to gradient direction or magnitude? Indeed for direction you’d expect a faint yet smooth change. However the change in gradient magnitude can be substantial, which in some cases is preferred.

    Then for point two I’m very happy to see that people have gone through the effort to think of some descent measure. And, my god, can some cases be off…

    Logically I do agree with your third point here. Maybe you could be a bit more specific by setting out a color scheme that outlines the boundaries of acceptable shades of pink. As you correctly pointed out: some things are subjective. Some just prefer a darker tone that others.

    Point four and five are not really open to discussion, they’re just properly stated facts. Now point four can be affect by a little upward delta, as long as symmetry is preserved.

    Which brings me to my last part of my comment. Applying all properties to the example data set, which you seem to propose as golden standard, gives a positive result. However I do notice a slight offset in roundness an position between both nipples. Therefore I propose to strengthen your position property with strict symmetry in all directions.

    Again another example that perfection is hard to achieve!? Way within margins though. 🙂

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