dressing up music

I love music, I love apple, I love iTunes and the nice Cover Flow View. But there was a problem. I didn’t have all the nifty covers I wanted. They even have an option to get the cover from the shop, but well.. it’s a shop right? So, Oh merciful world, what can I do?

After spending some nice considerable lab time, I got home in a wreck! Couldn’t find anything nice and free (damn world!).

But then, voila! Thanks to god himself (a.k.a. google) I found in this blog the light! It’s name iCoveArt it’s FariWare – you pay what you think is fair. Well… it’s in Sourceforge, so a bit of .NET should do the trick.

hmmm I need .net


~ by khamael on January 22, 2008.

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