A nation’s prerogative

Dear friends (the only two readers of this blog, I assume), these days I’ve realized I have a new hobby. How it went…

First: It started by accident, I just had an orange lurking in by bag from lunch in the oh-so-tasty-TUe-cantine (goog food for happy people, so they say….). Then, poor me, going to Amsterdam to catch the flight to Macedonia, I took the orange thinking that it would come handy when I wanted to nibble something. But I didn’t. I kept the orange in my lugagge. The orange flew all the way to the balkans. I left it there!

Second: I went to New York (fabulous city). Again, by mere chance, I had an orange taken from somewhere, and I didn’t eat it. No my friends! I took it home! Here in Eindhoven, The Netherlands!

So dear people. What is this all about? I’ve been thinking, trying to understand what is behind this weird activity of mine. This unconscious hobby…

As I talked to people I realized something, something deep in my genes.
For some nations around the world, namely Macedonia and surroundings (e.g. Greece), Turkey, Iran, among others that I will find out, orange is called Portucal, or pretty similar to Portucal. And why is that? My good friend Raul enlighted me to the fact that my ancestors (not mine actually, but nationwise ancestors), in the great times where we ruled the world, were distributing oranges across the globe. We, my children, took oranges to those countries, and they, very smartly, named it ‘something similar to Portugal’.
So now I understand it. I’m just following my nation’s prerogative: to show to oranges the whole wide world! Because, after all, the world is an onion!

I leave you with my second subject: the new york orange!

NY orange

The fabulous orange


~ by khamael on September 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “A nation’s prerogative”

  1. In the rest of the world they call it orange.. after the Royal Dutch family… :p 😉

  2. I like your ending!
    1. why did u have to mention the bloody Greeks!!!
    2. It’s called Portokal – портокал

  3. Note I said “Macedonia and surroundings”. Greece is referred as suburbs of Macedonia!

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