ISMRM@Hawaii – day 1

Being a PhD, besides having very annoying things, has great qualities! For example, conferences in Hawaii!
The trip is horrible: started 6h00 in Eindhoven, Friday, and arrived 20h Friday also – I just love time traveling 😉

this looks nicer in google earth!

Woke up at 6h in the morning, actually not *ucked up from jet lag or anything – I guess being in the same time but the reverse am/pm helps! Honolulu is great! Blue sky, warm, sun, beach, the pacific. Nothing like a sunny walk at 7 in the morning! People are just happy here! They smile at you in the street. I missed sun!

Ok, the conference itself. Seems great till now. Had the chance to chat with Patric Hangmann and his great work in mapping connectivity. Have to do something with this! Keep tuned 😉

Another great thing of conferences is meeting the people you know and appreciate.
OH, I have a boomerang from Daniel Alenxander! Cool! Can’t wait to start hunting with it!

I will stop writing for now. More to come. Photos even!

cheers from morning 1

PS: I still didn’t fall to sleep! niiiiice


~ by khamael on April 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “ISMRM@Hawaii – day 1”

  1. Hey have a great time there in Hawaii (bastard). Try not to hit anyone with your new toy from Daniel.

  2. Boomerang? What RU going to hunt for??

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